Bolsas y Mercados Españoles

The Technical Advisory Committee in charge of the Indexes is composed of a minimum of fi ve and maximum of nine members. Where the Committee is made up of an even number of members, the Chairman shall have the casting vote. The Committee functions are:

  • to supervise that the calculation of the Indexes is carried out by the Manager in accordance with the present Technical Regulations for the Composition and Calculation of the Sociedad de Bolsas, S.A. Indexes then in force.
  • to ensure ensure the proper operation of the Indexes for use as an underlying index for trading in financial derivatives,
  • to study and approve the redefi nitions of the Indexes when it deems appropriate and at least every six months,
  • to report any modifi cation regarding point 3 of these Technical Regulations for Indexes Calculation.

Responsibility for appointing the members of the Technical Advisory Committee, and the Chairman and Secretary, and for establishing its internal rules rests with the Board of Directors of Sociedad de Bolsas, S.A. The current members of the Committee are:

    • Mr. Mikel Tapia, in his capacity of Chairman of the Committee
    • Mr. José Ramón Lasuén
    • Mr. Pablo Fernández
    • Mr. Máximo Ferrando Bolado
    • Mr. Simón Sosvilla Rivero 
    • Mrs. Natividad Blasco
    • Mr. Antonio Giralt
    • Mrs. Carmen Ansotegui
    • Mrs. Marta Gómez-Puig
  • Mrs. Carmen López  as Secretary to the Committee but will not be a member of the same.

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