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Fixed Income Indices Session Prices
Daily RODE Indices
IndexISINRODE IndexPriceIRRDate
TM06MES0S00001396RODE Index <6M (M)100.146-0.56118/06/2021
TM12MES0S00001404RODE Index 6-12 M (M)100.893-0.53518/06/2021
TM02AES0S00001412RODE Index 1-2 Y (M)105.282-0.47218/06/2021
TM04AES0S00001420RODE Index 2-4 Y (M)104.759-0.40518/06/2021
TM06AES0S00001438RODE Index 2-6 Y (M)106.767-0.30318/06/2021
TM08AES0S00001446RODE Index 4-8 Y (M)108.713-0.06218/06/2021
TM12AES0S00001453RODE Index 8-12 Y (M)101.8950.42518/06/2021
TM20AES0S00001461RODE Index 12-20 Y (M)108.4610.96518/06/2021
TM21AES0S00001479RODE Index >20 Y (M)125.0291.44318/06/2021

Monthly RODE Indices
IndexISINRODE IndexPriceIRRDate
TS06MES0S00001487RODE Index <6M (S)100.263-0.55101/06/2021
TS12MES0S00001495RODE Index 6-12 M (S)100.820-0.53101/06/2021
TS02AES0S00001503RODE Index 1-2 Y (S)104.019-0.51001/06/2021
TS04AES0S00001511RODE Index 2-4 Y (S)104.832-0.42401/06/2021
TS06AES0S00001529RODE Index 2-6 Y (S)107.372-0.35001/06/2021
TS08AES0S00001537RODE Index 4-8 Y (S)110.334-0.17001/06/2021
TS12AES0S00001545RODE Index 8-12 Y (S)106.7600.22401/06/2021
TS20AES0S00001552RODE Index 12-20 Y (S)116.4330.69701/06/2021
TS21AES0S00001560RODE Index >20 Y (S)135.4661.20401/06/2021

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